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From: Dylan
Subject: The Elevator Encouter Chapter3CHAPTER THREE - RELATIONSHIPS The next day Ethan waiting patiently inside the elevator, but as
the minutes few by he became worried when Jonny didnt show up. Riding up to
Jonny's floor, Ethan PORN SEX T8BE HORSE was about to knock on Jonny's door when he saw Jonny's
twin walking into his room. "Hey! Excuse me!" He yelled. "Oh hey! Its you!
Ethan right?" Dylan asked. "Yeah, um, do you know where your hardcore 12yo brother is? I
was suppose to... meet him today" Ethan concluded, not really sure what
those little encounters in the elevators were. "Oh battery vanity mirror 7x yeah, he said he wasnt
feeling too good today so he stayed at home today, I have his room key if
you wanna see him." Ethan said, pulling out his wallet and a keycard. Ethan
grew nervous as Dylan slid the card into the Door lock. "Here ya go" Dylan
said opening the door. "Thanks.." Ethan said, smiling awkwardly and walking
inside. It was still just as he remembered from his little peeking session.
Jonny's boxers were still on the floor where Sean had thrown them and
there, wrapped in a blanket on the bed was Jonny. "Hey, Jonny?" Ethan said
shaking the boy a little. "mmnh..." Jonny moaned a groggy moan. "Jonny,
are you okay?" Ethan asked as the Jonny's eyes slowly opened. "Oh
Ethan... mmnh, sorry, just um... had a rough night." Jonny said trying to
get up then suddenly stopping, realizing he was naked from the waist
down. "So.. whats up?" Jonny asked, covering himself with the blanket and
slightly blushing. "Nothing, when I didnt see my elevator buddy, I got a
little worried, and bored... the ride 15 y.o. fucked
up is pretty quiet ya know" Ethan
said, chuckling, trying to draw out enthusiasm from the groggy boy. "Oh,
yeah, sorry, rough night" Jonny said looking slightly ashamed.
"With... sean?" Ethan asked carefully. "Yeah... with.. with sean" Jonny
said, sounding more and more depressed by the second. "Whats wrong? You
seem sad, not tired." Ethan said. "I just, Im just tired" Jonny said, "Well
common you can tell me ass parade 20 dvd whats wrong, this is sad, not tired. Trust me, I've
been tired alot in my life, you're sad, now tell me what's wrong" Ethan put
his arm around JOnny and pulled him close until Jonny's head rested
comfortably on his shoulder. "Ethan... theres something going on between
Sean and I.... something bad" Jonny said, pausing to snuggle into Ethan's
embrace. "Okay.. tell me about it" Ethan said, happy that he had gotten
Jonny to talk about it. "When I first got here, I was known as the rich kid
who lived in the hotel, I was also known as the sensative twin who was cute
and sexy and 1988 chevrolet celebrity fan
so on, but all of that... left me... well wanting. I wanted
someone to talk to, someone to be with, not someone to admire me." He
paused taking a deep breath in. "Go on" Encouraged Ethan. "Well, Sean, he
seemed different and he wanted to be with me... and he eventually told me
he was Gay, and had wanted me for the longest time. I didnt know what to
say, but I conceded, and now... I think Im gay, but.. I dont have the same
feelings for Sean anymore, he seems to be more interested in my ass then he
is my face, or my smile." Jonny started to sniffle a little. "I was so
lonely.. and I thought I had found bleach 27 someone different. Jonny sighed. "Well,
if it makes you feel any better, Im gay, and I do want to be with you, and
I do love you, and your face, and your smile." Ethan said, stroking Jonny's
chest. "Really?" Jonny said, looking at Ethan with the eyes of a little
boy. "Yes Jonny" Ethan said kissing Jonny. So they hugged there and looked
out the Hotel room's window. "Its a beautiful day out, nude 16 yo do you... want to go
out to the park?" Ethan asked, pulling Jonny closer to him. "Like on a
date?" Jonny asked. "Sure" Ethan smiled kissing Jonny on Ebony facial 8 the forehead.
Ethan and Jonny spent the day at the park talking, watching other
people walk by and occasionally, Jonny would give in free 15yo galleries
to his inner child and
run around and roll in the grass. "Ethan, am I cute?" Jonny asked, as he
lay on the bench in the park, letting his head rest on his newfound love's
chest. "Yes Jonny, very" Ethan said, admiring the young boy. "Good," Jonny
smiled before setting his beaufitul green eyes on the sunset. "Would... you
like to go to a party with me?" Jonny asked. "I mean, Dylan, my brother, is
having a party at his room, and I, I would like for you to go... with me I
mean, I-" Jonny quieted down when Ethan's finger pressed against his
lips. "Yes I would love to go with you." He said, slowly hunching over to
kiss Jonny.
In all truth, Ethan could have cared less where he went, so long as
there was Jonny by his side. The party, he predicted would be full of
people younger than him, and he was right. As he sat in one corner of the
room, he felt so much older than the partying teens. "Hi!" A boy sat down
next to him. "So, are you Jonny's new boyfriend?" Ethan merely
nodded. "Wow, caught himself a cute one." The boy said. "But, I naked boys 13-17 knew he
would, people as kind and as cute as Jonny always do. But thats good, I
mean he's had it hard." He sighed. This sparked Ethan's attention, "Wait,
What do you mean "he's had it hard?" Tell me." Ethan asked, suddenly more
interested. "I dont know if I should be telling you this, I mean.... he
only told me after a month of dating him." The boy said, starting to feel
uncomfortable. "You, dated Jonny?" Ethan asked. "Yeah, some of the best
years of my life, shoulda never givin him up too... but I suppose its all
for the best, he's happy with you." The boy got up and walked off. The rest
of the party went on, until Jonny came back to Ethan's sitting spot and
apologized. "Im sorry I dragged you here, we can go now." Jonny pulled and
yanked until Ethan, who was pretending to be old and lazy, got up. "Cmon
old man." Jonny chuckled, before leaning in to kiss Ethan. "You're so cute
like that you know?" Ethan said, kissing Jonny. "like what?" Jonny asked
staring at Ethan intently with his shiny green eyes and cocking his head to
one side. "With you're eyes closed and your mouth semi-open." Ethan
said. "Like when I'm sleeping!?" sex pictures 12yo girls Jonny said, laughing. "Sure..." Ethan said
walking with Jonny hardcore 12yo to his room. "Come in," Jonny said, opening his door to
his Hotel room. "Jonny, do you 16 yo nudist pics trust me?" Ethan asked. "Yes, I do" Jonny
replied. "Well, can you answer a question for me?" Ethan persisted,
watching Jonny pick up two glasses. "Um russan 14 porno sure, what do you want to 15 yr ptsc know"
Jonny asked as he picked up the glasses and began to walk towards his
refrigerator. "This boy, told me you had a hard past... do you..want to
tell me about it?" Sounds of broken glass followed Ethan's question. Jonny
had dropped the glasses in his hand, shattering them on the hard surface of
the 15yo free galleries counter top. "Jonny?" Ethan ran up beside the now quivering
boy. "I..uh, just a butterfinger" Jonny smiled weakly before he gingerly
bent down and picked up the broken glass shards that had fallen to the
ground. "Well, you dont have to tell me if you dont 27 dicks cumshot want to." Ethan quickly
added. "No, I suppose I should own up to the fact that... it happened."
Jonny sat down and it seemed all the color left his face. "When I was
younger, I didnt have all this money that I have now. My father was really
big on gambling, and in turn he got addicted, and just started gambling
away all our things. After a year of gambling, 38 c cup tits
my mother left us, and our
father then became a drunkard. He would keep gambling everything,
including his own sons! I... was gambled to a... to a..." Jonny suddenly
lost the words to keep talking. "Jonny, were you raped when you were a
little child?" Ethan asked, placing his hand on Jonny's leg. "I...." Jonny
began to cry. "It's okay, its okay, now you're okay," Ethan first 12yo hugged Jonny
close, and suddenly felt so sad for this little angel in his arms. "Shh,"
Ethan rocked Jonny back and forth. "God, Im so sorry I even brought this
up" Ethan thought as he kept rocking back and forth.
Ethan woke up to the sound of cars passing on the 3m first touch strip
street. "mmnh"
Ethan moaned a as he stretched his arms and was about to get up when he
felt a weight on his chest. He looked down to find Jonny resting on him,
with his arms around Ethan's waist. The look of Jonny sleeping put a smile
on Ethan's face.
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